Structural Engineering

When creating a structure, whether it is a retail facility, a new school, or a bridge or dam, quality and value need to combine with safety and integrity for a successful result. At Huseman Engineering, LLC, based in Amarillo, TX, we work on projects throughout the Texas Panhandle and the surrounding states. With our structural engineering services, which include evaluations, analyses, reviews, and more, we ensure that every structure stands the test of time.
Architecture Design - Amarillo, TX

Creating Innovative, Practical, & Safe Structural Solutions

Design Leadership

Our team is committed to providing client-focused service to achieve our client’s objective. We work closely with you to ensure we are meeting your goals so that you will be 100% satisfied with the end result. Our designers work diligently to bring your vision for your project to life, blending innovation with functionality.

Structural Design

After a design has been created, we perform rigorous analyses. We calculate the forces impacting every element of the structure in the proposed design. The results we gain from the analysis allow us to adjust the design as needed to improve force-resistance.

Construction Support

With our construction support services, we oversee projects from design through build to ensure the best possible results. We work with construction teams to help implement our designs and ensure our clients’ objectives are met.

Structural Evaluations

When a building needs to be evaluated to determine its safety, compliance with local codes and regulations, or durability our team is here to help. We have the experience and the knowledge to gather the necessary information and thoroughly analyze a structure to provide recommendations for improvements.

Expert Witness Services

We can also provide expert witness services and testimonials in cases where the perspective of a structural engineer are needed.

Peer Reviews

Our engineers work closely with our colleagues, providing peer reviews for projects they are working on. These reviews allow us to work with other structural engineers, using our background and expertise to ensure their project’s quality, practicality, safety, value, and code-compliance. Sometimes, peer reviews are required by local building codes or may be requested by a project owner or engineer.